The Epic Saga and Ever-Fierce Battle of Hawk & Robot

The Hawk and the Robot began their epic rivalry many, many ages ago.  Before the invention of tools or the discovery of finite sources of energy, the Hawk was a ruler of these lands.  The Hawk is near the apex of living beings on this planet and lives its life according to ancient principles and the immutable cycle of life and death.  A time came when one of the other ruler-species on the planet, one that walks the land on two feet, discovered that it could manipulate the raw materials around it into completely new contraptions and mechanisms, and thus was the Robot born.

The Robot gradually grew more complex and more cognitive in ability.  With the assistance of the bare-skinned Bipeds the Robot became a similar entity with similar characteristics, yet it has not sentience nor conscience.  The Robot has no allegiance but to itself, and no capacity to yearn, anticipate, love or grieve.  Still, to this day, the Robot rapidly approaches a status of validation equal with the Hawk and the Two-footed.

Now the fierce and epic struggle has reached a tipping point.  The Hawk and the Robot are battling it out, each for the survival of its own kind.  Only one can claim the throne of dominion over the planet and all its inhabitants.