You are now witnessing the origin of Hawk & Robot.  We're an art/business venture focusing on the quality & accessibility of food, community, social justice, environmental conservation, biodiversity, creativity and compassion.  The core of our concept is active participation in our community, city, state, nation and planet with a sense of esprit de corps and a spirit of cooperation.  Our goals are to pursue new possibilities, engage in discussion, and participate in the choices that affect our lives and our world.

We are making many plans to turn our ideas into physical reality, but for now we are this website - a virtual headquarters for interaction, discussion and collaborating.  Our company has several facets, as you will see by the links on our main page.  In addition to the components of Hawk & Robot, we are also comprised of a lifestyle narrative blog (One-eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater), and a page for our photography department (Laura Lostetter photography).

We're pleased that you found us, and invite you to read more about the details and ideas of our company.  Enjoy the epic saga; take a look at our first ever photo-documentary series on Uproot Farm; and/or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  Keep checking back for progress updates, blog posts, new ideas, and future projects!