...where were we?

I'm about to write something, but hang on, I need a coffee refill...  

Alright, where were we?  I know I've let any sort of thread I had going fall away after so much time (it's really been one whole year!) not writing on my blog, yet I needed to give myself some space to alleviate a huge writer's blockade - more like an obstacle course.  We're now feeling revived and we're very excited to reboot our website.

Anyway, things are good at Hawk & Robot and many developments are slated for 2014!  We will be blogging about our start-up adventures: there will be pics, interviews, stories, reviews and more!  Here's a brief update: We've been working on the recipes for our initial food products, all of which will be grain-free.  The first is granola, which we've been sampling and testing over the holidays and it's quite a hit.  The second item we're making is crackers.  We've nailed down a recipe for sunflower seed crackers that goes great with hummus, and we're developing another recipe for curry lentil crackers (which are awesome).  Along with that we're deciding on packaging for these items and will have them on the market as soon as possible!

We're about to purchase a new camera so that we can document all our work in beautiful clarity.  As soon as spring hits we'll be out on the road visiting fields, pastures, barns, grocery people, dairy people, picklers and canners, entrepreneurs, brewers and distillers, and consumers.

We're so thrilled to be starting this project and happy for everyone to follow our progress.  Happy New Year!!

Posted on January 21, 2014 .